Five reasons why you SHOULD book a Wedding Videographer.

"The video was a great way of seeing things that we had missed or simply totally forgotten and although we weren't going to have a videographer we're so happy that we did! It's also the perfect way to show people our magical day. Thank you!"

The biggest regrets that brides have after their wedding day is not having it filmed. According to Huffington Post 98% of brides regret not having a wedding video. Over the last couple of years video has been creeping up on the list of must haves for any bride but it still has a way to go. Weddings are expensive and things have to be sacrificed to keep cost down, which means you may not have the budget for photography and videography. So, we made a list on why you definitely should book a wedding videograhper. Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life and what better way to celebrate and capture that moment in a beautiful crafted cinematic video.

1. A memory you will cherish forever.

A video is something that will never fade and will always be true to the emotion it captured in that moment and what you were feeling. It's the perfect memento to relive a once in a lifetime moment. You can watch it on your anniversaries and it will never get old.

2. Reliving your vows and speeches.

Your wedding is a very special day and an emotionally charged one and there are some things that photos cannot capture like video can. When you book a videographer you get so much more than a wedding video, we capture all the audio from the day. It means you can relive your vows for the rest of your life, listen to them in times of joy and sadness which is something you can never do with a photograph. Speeches are often the highlight of any wedding day, so many heartfelt words spoken between father and daughter, between husband and wife and between friends. To able to listen to them whenever you want is priceless and although you may think it's not an important element at the time, in the future its something you will cherish forever.

3. Share it with your friends and families.

With social media these days sharing your wedding video is easier than ever, which is why it is the perfect way to share it with the ones you love who couldn't attend the day. Sometimes elderly family members may not be able to attend because of their age or illness and a video is a perfect way to show them how magical your day was and make them feel included.

4. Get to experience moments you may have missed.

Your wedding day is a very special day and it goes by so fast and you miss so much. There are so many things that happen at the same time, while you're getting ready up in your bridal suite there are so many other things going on. The venue is being prepped, your guests are arriving and your future husband/wife to be is getting ready and waiting for his/her beautiful bride. There are so many important moments that having a video can show you, the anticipation of your partner has they wait for you at the end of the isle, or the look on your guests face as you walk down the isle. These are just a few moments that you may miss on your big day.

5. We are are storytellers.

Getting a close family member or friend to film the wedding may be cheaper but the result will be drastically different. We are so much more than someone with a camera pressing record, we are able to capture your wedding day in a cinematic style that can tell your wedding story perfectly. When you hire a wedding videographer you are hiring someone who is passionate, professional and someone who is experienced to make sure that your video is something you will love and cherish forever.

These are just a few reasons why you should consider hiring a videographer and of course we are biased but we think a videographer is must have for any bride. With videography becoming more popular on the list of things to have there are so many options available that are suitable for brides and different budgets.