What you should be asking your wedding videographer.

Planning a wedding is a humongous task and can seem very overwhelming to begin with because there are so many elements to consider. So we have got together a list of essential questions you should ask your wedding videographer before making any commitments.

Before you contact any videographer it is always a good idea to do a bit of window shopping and see what is about, so you can start to get a feel for what video you want and how much you want to spend. By doing this, you can also think about what you want in your video because different brides will think differently, some brides consider bridal prep important part of the video while others don't. It really depends on what you want.

So here's the questions you should be asking your wedding videographer.

1. What is included in your packages on your website?

The first you should definitively ask is what is included in the package you're interested in and what isn't included. Even if it clearly states on the website what's including there is no harm in asking your videographer to go over them and they will be happy to do so.

Some videographers offer there packages based on hours so it might say something like 8 hours filming on the day and extra hours charged at X amount. You will want to check when this 8 hours will start because you will need to know what that hours covers. Does it start at bridal prep, or does it start from the ceremony. You definitely want to clarify this before booking. You will need to decide what you want filmed in those set hours.

You will also want to check what you will be receiving as an end result . Some packages will you will get a highlight film and feature but may not say anything about your ceremony or speeches, and these are obviously very important so ask about that because it may be an extra charge for that to be delivered aswell.

2. Have they filmed at your wedding venue?

This is is handy for several reasons and can be the deciding factor for some brides. This means that the videographer is familiar with the venue so they may know some beautiful secret spots for your couple portraits. Also, you can see what a wedding would look like at your venue from one of there previous videos, which is really nice.

3. When will the final film be delivered?

This will depend on a few things. Firstly it will depend on what you have included in your package, if you have picked a more expensive package with a highlight film, a teaser trailer and a feature film then this will take longer. It will also depend on what time of year you are getting married. Most videographers will have a section in their terms and conditions that relate to when you will receive your video, but this may vary at different times of the year. During in the summer months you are more likely to wait longer for your video as this is peak season for weddings, so this is when videographers will be busier and actually be out filming weddings. So during these periods expect to wait longer than expected. During the out of season months you can expect a quicker turn around as there are usually less weddings, freeing up some time to edit. A good videographer will be communicating regularly with you and keeping you up to date with the progress, especially if there will be a delay.

4. What is your cancellation policy?

So generally this is always a good question to ask any of your suppliers, but again this will be outlined in the terms and conditions. You need to know where you stand in case you have to cancel your wedding anytime. The way most cancellation policies work is that the closer you get to your booked date the more percentage you are required to pay. The best and first thing to take out is wedding insurance. This is to cover you should any unforeseen problems arise like a global pandemic.

5. How much is the deposit and what is the payment schedule?

Everyone has a budget to stick to when it comes to their big day so it is always important to find out where you stand with your suppliers when it comes to money and when it is due. Paying the deposit is what is really important because this is will what secure your booking and your wedding date. So if you have a supplier you really love then its best to put that deposit down because until that is done there is no booking and if you love them the chances are someone else will too.

Most videographers will require the final balance 4 weeks prior to the wedding, however this will be individual to that the business.

So there they are, the more research and the more questions you can ask will cause less problems later on down the road. Hopefully this has helped you when you do talk to your videographer or other suppliers. Good luck!