My Favourite wedding moments

Being a wedding videographer gives me a unique insight to your wedding day, I will be there from the beginning of your day capturing everything and I will see things that no one else will. It's my job to capture the sweetest moments of joy and love throughout your day. There are key moments that are always top of the list, a bridal reveal, walking down the isle and seeing your partner for the first time, capturing the ceremony where you say your I do's, couple portrait shots, the speeches and the first dance.

These are just some of the moments that make a wedding day so special. I have decided to put together a list of my favourite moments. It was tough because there are so many to choose from but here they are.

1. Bridal preparations

This has to the be the first mention, I love turning up to bridal prep as you walk through the door there is always a buzz of activity and anticipation for the day ahead. Usually there is music and the drinks are flowing and everyone is generally having a good time. There is the hair and make up getting the bride ready for her big day. There are also some really beautiful moments during these times, sometimes the groom will have sent a gift with a heartfelt note, and it's always nice to capture the bride reading this and the emotion she is feeling. It is always a good idea to get the bride to read it out so you can capture the audio and use it later in the films.

2. Father daughter Reveal/first reveal.

The bride is ready and waiting to marry the man of her dreams but the first man who had her heart is waiting in the wings to see his beautiful daughter. This is such a beautiful moment and always a tear jerkier and I always recommend that a bride does this and it does not disappoint. So whether is a father daughter reveal or a first look for your entourage never miss an opportunity to capture it.

3. The groom waiting at the alter.

There are so many moments during a wedding day but none are as monumental as this, everything has led to this moment, the years or months of planning, all the saving, everything is about this one moment. All the build up is about to pay off and as the groom waits for his bride, you can see on his face what this moment means. They all say they won't cry but as soon as they see there wife to be the tears come on their own, whether they want them to or not!

4. Confetti shot.

This is a must have moment for you to remember, you are officially now husband and wife ready to begin your new married life together and it's always filled with such joy and love. The bride and groom have relaxed after having their ceremony and now they are ready to party and celebrate with all their family and friends, it's such a great moment.

5. Speeches

These are the highlight of any wedding day, and as time has gone on people have gotten more creative with speeches, some bursting into song or making a funny video to embarrass the groom. The groom has spent months writing his speech making sure that he has everything packed in there that he needs. So much time and effort goes into writing a speech and making sure that the jokes are timed right and making sure you mention everyone who needs to be mentioned. Alongside making jokes and making people laugh it is a beautiful appreciation for the person he loves and what he has written she will remember forever. This is something that definitely needs to be filmed to capture all the emotions and laughter.

6. Fireworks

What a perfect way to top off your wedding day with fireworks. A perfect ending to the perfect day.

There you have a it a list of my favourite moments of any wedding day. Did I miss any of the list, what are you favourite moments from your wedding?